C H E C K   O U T   O U R   V E N D O R S   T H I S   W E E K !
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Visit The Cakery for cakes, cookies, sweetbreads, keto/diabetic desserts, and more! All from scratch!!
The Olive Tap offers select 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils and flavored olive oils from small boutique producers from olive oil-producing countries including the US. Plain and flavored Balsamic Vinegar from Modena Italy is also among the over 70 products available for tasting and purchasing. Product selections vary for each market date.
Vibo's has a great snack for you while you check out all the great vendors and artists at the market! Enjoy punsky (a Polish raisin and cinnamon sweet fried treat) or a fried dough or hot cross buns. They also have that great crusty Italian bread and pepperoni bread to take home for your evening dinner.
Wigle is hell-bent on creating a vital, educated community around the highest quality, most inventive, bursting-with-terroir fermented and distilled products in the world, investing in their communities to support the agricultural, social and economic systems of which they are apart. 
Hand sewn skirts for girls ages newborn to fourteen, made from 100% cotton. Ws also make doll skirts in varying sizes, hair bows, and scrunchies to match. Skirts come in a variety of prints and styles and can be further customized with embroidery.

Cecelia’s Collection offers an assortment of items that bring excitement and whimsy to life in the form of accessories, decor, and fashion. Our unique dresses are all handmade in small batches with a focus on sourcing fabrics that are factory castoffs and end of bolt fabrics.

Neighborfood LLC provides a wide variety of microgreens and herbs grown in an indoor lab-like setting.
Carefully curated collection of products for men and women sourced from other fellow small businesses across the USA. 
CorEats is a local and growing baking mix company offering the freedom of wholesome & delicious 'Eats & Treats.' They don't believe dietary restrictions, or a healthy lifestyle should deprive anyone of food that tastes amazing. 
Green Mountain Energy
At Huckle Bee Farms, they have taken raw Honey to a whole new level by infusing it with different fruits and vegetables to add natural, organic flavors to our Honey. Their mission is to “give your taste buds a treat” and to expand your knowledge of an age-old condiment.
We're a family-based fifth-generation farm from beaver county our farm was established in 1947. We pride ourselves in selling top quality delicious fruits and vegetables with a large variety of great items. Specializing in fresh cut flowers herbs perennials hanging baskets. 
Pop-art animal images and custom pet portraits in a unique and bright style. A fervent supporter of animal welfare, artist April Minech donates 50% of her sales to local rescue and shelter organizations.
Gyros, freshly prepared foods and treats.
Pip & Lola's Everything Homemade is a handmade soap company based out of Homestead, PA. Featuring unique vegetarian and vegan soaps, Pip & Lola's specializes in creating lighter scented body bars, facial soaps, and solid shampoo bars. In addition, they feature a line of lightly scented candles and wax products.
PSquare Scents LLC has so many great smelling items, we can not even talk about them all! With a revolving 200+ fragrance line and always creating new items for the home and bath, you must make sure to stop at their booth to check them out! From Candles to Incense and Soaps to Hand Sanitizer, they have something for everyone.
A Sweet Morsel Co. hand crafts a variety of gourmet cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and custom cookies and treats.
Baked True North is a local, women-owned small batch gluten-free bakery. They specialize in goods that don't "taste gluten-free" at all. They do so many traditional flavors and brand new combinations that you'll be pleasantly surprised to give them a try.
Butler Hill Maple Farm produces and sells Pennsylvania maple products. These products include maple syrup, cream, sugar, candy, cinnamon-infused, coffee-infused and bourbon barrel-aged syrup, maple rub/seasoning mix, and maple cinnamon almonds, pecans and cashews.
We are located among Amish farms in Northern Pennsylvania. We've been perfecting our process for several years to produce fresh, natural cheese. We only use the best quality goat milk and believe every goat should lead a happy, healthy life and engage in a full range of their natural behaviors.
Gem Blossoms are colorful glass garden art made of glass plates that are layered and drilled, mounted onto copper hardware, and are ready to be placed in the garden, landscaping, porch, or indoors. 
My flower tapestries also make the perfect photo backdrop for graduation parties, baby showers, or weddings.
At Lathering Lotus, we mindfully formulate artisan soaps, skincare, and bath products. Only high quality, natural oils, and butters that are sustainably sourced are used.
Snakeguy's Pepper makes flavorful gourmet ground pepper blends and spiced snacks from scratch. With a commitment to high-quality gourmet flavor, Snakeguy’s Pepper crafts dry pepper blends and BLAST! snacks, specialty seasoning blends, dips mixes, and bloody mary mix.
I hope that these, along with other available items, allow kids to use their imagination in new ways while they explore the world on their own terms and that the tactile qualities of fabric toys provide a little extra comfort and happiness.




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